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Back the Bees

This are the radical statement made by people about our bees....

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Lecturers strike in kenya

In kenya lecturers...

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Mediocrity in CDF Bursaries

Good morning fam.we have to free our minds from sycophancy and start askin what is actualy ours.The mp is the custodian of Uwezo Fund any beneficiaries in Konoin??then do you guys know that apart from the CDF bursary there is a kitty from the ministry of education for bursaries??any beneficiary from Konoin??nyone meset ibak.we need not settle for less,mediocrity will always maintain the status quo.let's stand up and in one voice get Kokweny to account for every penny from the national gov't.am not supporting anyone for the seat but the incumbent has had his two terms of failure and the time we will allow our minds to reason impartially is the day we will reap big not in terms of handouts as some are gettin now but on matters development.

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Infinix kenya hiring interns...details

Infinix kenya hiring interns...details

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Hon Julius kones for Bomet gubernatorial seat in 2017

I love these guy kones

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Politics in Bomet

Sosion for Bomet Governor 2017

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corruption in kenya

For the past years kenyans have being experiencing a lot of rampant.............

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New fashion in city

The new trend of fashion has brought about the change of dressing code in Nairobi..Recently we have seen people embrace the ragged cloth and calling it fashion..its new error wher we do not have to mind alot about what

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welcome president Park Geun-hye

Based on cultural and economic cooperation between Kenya and the Republic of Korea,we hope for continued friendship and growth of both Nations.

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do you think that the jackpot will be won this weekend?

comment on what you think

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president uhuru kenyatta reorganizes the government by restructuring the ministries

President Uhuru Kenyatta has made changes to the structure of his government to ensure effective delivery of government services. This has seen key departments in Ministries moved around to new dockets, translating to new headquarters, notably, Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia will now handle five departments to include transport, infrastructure, housing and urban development, maritime and shipping affairs as well as public works.Two of those departments were previously under Lands Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi. Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohammed has had her docket trimmed as well. She retains the Foreign Affairs docket, but loses International Trade to Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed. Under his renamed docket, Adan will now be responsible for the departments of Investment and Industry as well as Trade and Cooperatives. Two Ministries under the Presidency – that is the Interior and National Coordination Ministry, and the Devolution and Planning Ministry have also been reorganised. The Interior Ministry under Major Gen. (Rtd.) Joseph Nkaissery is now home to a newly named department for Correctional Services. The Ministry of Devolution and Planning now holds re-named departments – under devolution is the department of devolution and department of special programmes, while under planning is the department of planning and statistics. The Education Ministry under Dr. Fred Matiang’i previously held two departments, education, and that of science and technology. It has since been renamed the Ministry of Education with three departments – basic education, university education and vocational and technical training. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Ministry under Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett retains its three departments, only that fisheries is now renamed the Department of Fisheries and the Blue Economy.

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Raila refused to be the president-Miguna miguna

Miguna Miguna is eyeing the Nairobi governor’s seat. He dismissed other contestants, claiming Senator Mike Sonko is functionally illiterate, that Johnson Sakaja is a joyrider and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru can only run a Sunday school. DAVID ODONGO transcribed his recent interview with KTN’s Jeff Koinange........ Are you serious about running for Nairobi governor’s seat? Why do people ask that? Why can’t they ask about that joker Sonko? He is not qualified to be anything. He can barely read. He doesn’t know his role as a senator. Nairobi can’t be run by people who are functionally illiterate. What has he (Governor Evans Kidero) done? Garbage, floods killing people, impassable roads?......... Lets say you beat kidero and become the governor?I have more degrees than Kidero. I have three and he has two. I have practised law in Canada for 21 years. Even (Prof) Makau Mutua is not licensed to practise law anywhere in the world. We are dealing with a pedestrian...... He has a doctorate in juridical science. PhD is Doctor of Philosophy. That short, bald man with low self-esteem and a conflicted ideological position who behaves like the senile Mugabe, can’t come here and besmirch my character when he is not at my level. I helped Raila win the 2007 elections which Kibaki refused to concede. Regarding IEBC... It’s (Prof) Makau who said my criticisms of Issack Hassan was uncalled for. Makau Mutua was the chief sycophant. He wrote articles calling for my head. Raila is being teargassed in the streets because of Makau. Makau said the chicken in the village knew Raila will win the 2013 elections. I said Raila won’t be president. Makau said Uhuru couldn’t win. Uhuru won. Mutua said so many things, citing his so-called crystal ball. He is a hypocrite and politically senile. Because he thinks I am taller than him, darker than him, more handsome than him and more intellectually astute, he says I cannot be governor, and he doesn’t even have a vote in Nairobi. Makau says you wear a hat to hide your bald head... Why should a man speak about my hair? Why is he speaking about my body parts when my wife has not complained? He is indeed a pink man, as Mutahi Ngunyi called him. He lives in a reverie, it’s worse than a dream and I won’t join him in that nightmare. You said you want Kidero’s job... It’s no Kidero’s job, it’s the people’s job. You think people will vote for you over Sakaja? Who is Sakaja? What has he done? He climbed on Uhuru’s back to Parliament. Even in Parliament, he has never done anything (substantial). Even Uhuru tried to jump on Moi’s back, but he failed. He had to go back to the drawing board and work his a** off. Sakaja has to learn to work his a** off. What about David Waweru? That is worse than Sakaja. That one is a fly! What about Bishop (Margaret) Wanjiru? Bishop Margaret should restrict herself to the church. The city is a complicated institution. It’s too sophisticated. You don’t come from running a Sunday school and think you can run that (the city), and with no training on anything. It’s the same reason Sonko should go slow. It is a mistake he was elected. He gives handouts. I have no problem hiring them in my office after I have won the elections. I have to read Alai’s tweet because Alai backs Baba (Raila Odinga). Alai’s tweet reads, “Miguna will not even get 50 votes in Nairobi. He should vie for Ward Rep in Apondo”... If I didn’t threaten anybody’s interest, why are they wasting their time? The only reason they don’t want me here, the reason they want me to go to Apondo is because they know that the thief they are supporting is funding their campaigns, they are feeling the heat, and I am here to give them that heat! I will take the 50 votes that he is giving me freely. Somebody posted on Tweeter that you are broke... They will keep saying such nonsense. Kidero said he is a missionary, but we want a visionary. Missionaries came before us, and paved the way for the stealing of our land. Kidero is the head of a cartel. We know he owns half of Kitisuru and half of Kisumu.

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Japanese goverment scholarship

scholarship application are invited from interested kenyans wishing to study at japanese graduate schools,universities,colleges of Technology and specialised training colleges from financial year 2017.under the scholarship,tuition fees,air fees and an adequate living allowance will be paid by the japenese goverment

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Donald Trump is ruining my life as an expat

I generally mind my own business on flights. But on a recent trip within Vietnam, I couldn’t help myself when the two Australian businessmen seated next to me began chatting about Donald Trump. “Would they really elect him?” “I don’t know. I didn’t used to think so, but who knows?” “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!” I interjected. I didn’t shout, but I did say it in urgent all-caps as I shook my head. “IT CAN’T. NO WAY.” They looked over at me. “Ah, so you’re American? What is going on over there?” I briefly toyed, as I so often do these days, with saying that I was Canadian. I’ve been traveling through Southeast Asia for about five months now. When I left the US in early December, Trump was still just a novelty candidate. Now he’s the presumptive Republican nominee for president. There are plenty of reasons to be worried about Trump’s potential rise to power: he’s xenophobic, misogynistic, and ignorant about foreign policy and economics alike. But on a personal level, he’s also ruining my life as an American expat—and giving me a firsthand glimpse into just how badly Trump could damage the international reputation of the US.

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20 misused English words that make smart people look silly

We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with. If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t have much to write about. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of and, thus, they don’t create much of an issue for us. It’s the words that we think we’re using correctly that wreak the most havoc. We throw them around in meetings, e-mails and important documents (such as resumes and client reports), and they land, like fingernails across a chalkboard, on everyone who has to hear or read them. We’re all guilty of this from time to time, myself included. When I write, I hire an editor who is an expert in grammar to review my articles before I post them online. It’s bad enough to have a roomful of people witness your blunder—it’s something else entirely to stumble in front of 100,000! The point is, we can all benefit from opportunities to sharpen the saw and minimize our mistakes. Often, it’s the words we perceive as being more correct or sophisticated that don’t really mean what we think they do. There are 20 such words that have a tendency to make even really smart people stumble. Have a look to see which of these commonly confused words throw you off. Accept vs. Except These two words sound similar but have very different meanings. Accept means to receive something willingly: “His mom accepted his explanation” or “She accepted the gift graciously.” Except signifies exclusion: “I can attend every meeting except the one next week.” To help you remember, note that both except and exclusion begin with ex. Affect vs. Effect To make these words even more confusing than they already are, both can be used as either a noun or a verb. Let’s start with the verbs. Affect means to influence something or someone; effect means to accomplish something. “Your job was affected by the organizational restructuring” but “These changes will be effected on Monday.” As a noun, an effect is the result of something: “The sunny weather had a huge effect on sales.” It’s almost always the right choice because the noun affect refers to an emotional state and is rarely used outside of psychological circles: “The patient’s affect was flat.” Lie vs. Lay We’re all pretty clear on the lie that means an untruth. It’s the other usage that trips us up. Lie also means to recline: “Why don’t you lie down and rest?” Lay requires an object: “Lay the book on the table.” Lie is something you can do by yourself, but you need an object to lay. It’s more confusing in the past tense. The past tense of lie is—you guessed it—lay: “I lay down for an hour last night.” And the past tense of lay is laid: “I laid the book on the table.” Bring vs. Take Bring and take both describe transporting something or someone from one place to another, but the correct usage depends on the speaker’s point of view. Somebody brings something to you, but you take it to somewhere else: “Bring me the mail, then take your shoes to your room.” Just remember, if the movement is toward you, use bring; if the movement is away from you, use take. Ironic vs. Coincidental A lot of people get this wrong. If you break your leg the day before a ski trip, that’s not ironic—it’s coincidental (and bad luck). Ironic has several meanings, all of which include some type of reversal of what was expected. Verbal irony is when a person says one thing but clearly means another. Situational irony is when a result is the opposite of what was expected. O. Henry was a master of situational irony. In his famous short story The Gift of the Magi, Jim sells his watch to buy combs for his wife’s hair, and she sells her hair to buy a chain for Jim’s watch. Each character sold something precious to buy a gift for the other, but those gifts were intended for what the other person sold. That is true irony. If you break your leg the day before a ski trip, that’s coincidental. If you drive up to the mountains to ski, and there was more snow back at your house, that’s ironic. Imply vs. Infer To imply means to suggest something without saying it outright. To infer means to draw a conclusion from what someone else implies. As a general rule, the speaker/writer implies, and the listener/reader infers. Nauseous vs. Nauseated Nauseous has been misused so often that the incorrect usage is accepted in some circles. Still, it’s important to note the difference. Nauseous means causing nausea; nauseated means experiencing nausea. So, if your circle includes ultra-particular grammar sticklers, never say “I’m nauseous” unless you want them to be snickering behind your back. Comprise vs. Compose These are two of the most commonly misused words in the English language.Comprise means to include; compose means to make up. It all comes down to parts versus the whole. When you use comprise, you put the whole first: “A soccer game comprises (includes) two halves.” When you use compose, you put the pieces first: “Fifty states compose (make up) the United States of America.” Farther vs. Further Farther refers to physical distance, while further describes the degree or extent of an action or situation. “I can’t run any farther,” but “I have nothing further to say.” If you can substitute “more” or “additional,” use further. Fewer vs. Less Use fewer when you’re referring to separate items that can be counted; use less when referring to a whole: “You have fewer dollars, but less money.” Bringing it all together English grammar can be tricky, and, a lot of times, the words that sound right are actually wrong. With words such as those listed above, you just have to memorize the rules so that when you are about to use them, you’ll catch yourself in the act and know for certain that you’ve written or said the right one.

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Kakamega Senator Dr Boni Khalwale’s elder brother is dead.

Kakamega Senator Dr Boni Khalwale’s elder brother is dead. Captain Gaeb Ashiono Khalwale collapsed and died Friday, May 20 at Eldoret Hospital. Senator Khalwale took to Twitter on Friday to break the sad news. “Captain Gaeb Ashiono Khalwale has collapsed and died at Eldoret Hospital. RIP my dear elder brother,” he wrote.Captain Ashiono has died aged 58. The family is yet to communicate the cause of his death. Captain Ashiono was a lecturer at Moi University School of Aerospace Science until his demise. In February, 2016, Senator Khalwale lost another of his elder brother Henry Khayati Khalwale. The senator’s brother had been admitted in hospital before passing on aged 66. Khalwale eulogised Khayati saying he was a wise and sober man. “He (my brother) asked my mother to stop educating me from proceeds of chang’aa and took over (the business),” he said. Opposition leader Raila Odinga was among leaders who sent condolence messages for the loss in February. Other leaders and associates who condoled with Khalwale include Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama.

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Ruto vs Chirongo

STOLEN CYRUS JIRONGO I am the first person who gave you tenders of printing KANU tshirts when you were nobody I mentored you, I know you better than anybody so stop threats of pesa nane towards me .Ruto ,I repeat ,come out clearly and tell Kenyans the main reason why my brother Jacob Juma from Mulembe house was assassinated ?, don't think we're children. Don't think you will run unpunished in this country one day .Try me at your own risk Lsk". Former Lugari mp Cyrus Jirongo.

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Welcome Note

Hi watu wa konoin,welcome to konoin forum,a site that offers you insigth to issues affecting us,issues bedeviling our daily struggles and challenges forthwith,you can never go wrong loging in here,this is your space,we shall be interacting,motivating each other as well as airing our social,economical and political views.stay logged.Yours Truly Admin Eric

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Jacob Juma's mysterious burial

Do you have that one person who is alive because you don't wanna go to jail;suprise,suprise i hear that the torch is dimming,the tortoise is crying for help,someones ghost is haunting those in govt at nigth,ooh my robert alies vision seems to be dawning on us,what shal we do??jj needs to be re~incernated & rekilled,the torch should be connected to parmanent power supply,sobs,sobs; while still on that his excellency is as fit as fiddle and he even chaired a meeting last nigth,that bigheaded cord blogger needs to up his rumour mills instead of brainwashing his fellow physchos with wishes outside earth. Long live our dp may you live to see alai back to the dust and beyond,yours truly no 1 foot soldier.

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Kenyan 'mad man' badly beats up a police officer

Kenyan police man was madly beaten up by a 'mad man' who is said to have seem to be mentally ill.The man was arrested and taken for testing to confirm on his degree of madness..

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